When will the Wallet Ship?
  • All wallets ship within 72 hours of being ordered.  Wallets are
    shipped using USPS Priority mail, and typically arrive within 3 to
    5 days of being shipped.  All domestic orders will have a
    tracking number that will be emailed to you once the order ships.
Do you Ship Internationally?
  • Absolutely.  To date FlameWallet.com has shipped to 6 of the 7
    continents (still waiting on Antarctica) and to over 20 countries.  
    International orders will be shipped Express Mail International
    through the US Postal Service. Please note that your shipping
    costs are differnt than domestic shipping costs.   
Can I get through an Airport with it?
  • While I wish it was not true, I havetraveled across oceans
    several times on airplanes without security batting an eye at the
    wallet.... While I wouldn't advise taking it through the metal
    detector, from my experience you have a good shot of getting
    through security just fine.  I actually had a conversation with an
    Airport Security guard once, and he said that the wallet actually
    qualifies as a lighter, and passengers are allowed to take on
    board one lighter per person. I know, it's kind-of scary.
              "The Flame Wallet is not a lighter as defined by the              
U.S. Department of Transportation. Only brand new, never used
wallets are acceptable in air transportation or in the mail.
Any wallet that has flammable liquid in the pads, or whose pads have
not been sufficiently cleaned of residue and purged of vapors to
remove any potential hazard" is forbidden by air."

A list of FAA allowances on planes is linked here: http://www.faa.

      Our company assumes no liability if you are forced to leave your
wallet with security.
Is it Real Fire?
  • Yes, the wallet does use real fire.  While it is not dangerous,
    common sense must be used.  
Is it Hard to do?
  • No. It is so easy you will immediately be able to preform the effect
Do Instructions come with the Wallet?.  
  • Yes. All wallets come with detailed instructions that walk you
    through, step-by-step, how to preform the Flame Wallet effect.
How does it work?
  • Refer to above answer....  You will learn when you buy one.
Do you Have a Return Policy?
  • Yes.  If you are unhappy with your wallet, contact FlameWallet
    using the below email address within one week of getting your
    wallet and arrangements will be made to exchange your product.
Do you Offer Bulk Rates?
  • Yes, If you are looking to purchase 10 or more wallets at a time,
    please email: FlameWallet@yahoo.com for bulk pricing
How can I contact you for questions regarding my order?
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